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Measuring device question again.

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  • Measuring device question again.

    This has been asked a million times already I bet, however I didn't find any post about essilors Visioffice 2 compared to zeiss Iterminal 2.

    We already sell full freeform lenses by using manual measurments excluding Essilors high dollar that requires the rotational axis of the eye. So we are looking to add some wow factor with these machines to help convert the remainder of the patients over to the "digital world".

    Has anyone out there had experience with both machines? we take eyemed so we are stuck with Essilor product at times, is the 4D product line quality a premium over the other vendors "basic" free form? If the visual quality really is better we have no issue throwing out a few extra dollars for the visioffice 2 so we can take the measurements.

    In the past with other offices I had the first generation of Iterminal. Measurement repeatability was nearly impossible. Has this issue been fixed and would you consider the measurements to be reliable and repeatable?

    Thanks everyone in advance.

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    We sell the Varilux 4D in our office. I have to say, it is by far the best progressive lens I have sold. I have had many patients who have tried many other progressive lenses, even free-form and 'customized' lenses, and the difference is night and day when they switch to the 4D. Now, in saying that, the biggest reason people are having issues with their progressive is because they were not measured right. The best technology is only as good as the person measuring it. It took a while to learn all the ins and outs of what to look for when measuring the 4D. I think the biggest issue with the visioffice is putting the eye glass 'clip' at the dead center of the frame. once you put the clip on the frame, it inadvertently gets moved, and you'll need to re-center it. As long your Visi-office and Essilor reps are capable of training you and your staff appropriately, then the Visioffice is a great option.