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    Officemate claims help

    I've been asked by our sister store to help them file insurance claims electronically using Officemate. My office uses Crystal PM. I can get the 1500 form populated but I do not know how to export a CMS print image file to a designated folder. Any suggestions? Their tech support I hear isn't quick on call backs.


    If they are on version 10, then up at the top there is a yellow folder icon labeled 3rd Party. From it you would select the the CMS Third Party option and should see a box pop up.

    The top of the box is to help you navigate the claims. If you use just one clearing house, you can simply keep the default of "open" selected on hit search on the right side of the box.

    This will bring up all your open claims.

    To the left, there will be 4 large buttons vertically. The second one is to create claim file. When you push that button, it will create a batch file of every claim it did not find errors in. It will pop up with a white box stating the file was created, the name of the file, and the file path. Make note of the path.

    Then you can go to the portal you want to upload those to, and import using that file path.

    To my knowledge you can not stipulate a different folder. You could probably copy the file, and place it in the folder of your choice.

    Just as a head's up. Officemate does not accept any changes you make directly to a claim form. You can add in modifiers, or condense codes.. but when you go to file, the form refreshes, and will overwrite it back to whatever is stated in the patient demographic and fee slip. So any changes you need to make to a claim form (such as adding a modifier) has to occur in either of those two places.

    For example, if you need to add the RT modifier, you would have to go to line additional data on the fee slip and choose the modifier from it for the line item on your fee slip.
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      Thank you. This really helps.