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    Full Moon?


    Now I know that once in a while the looney bin goes around and announces "Who wants to get their eyes tested today, follow me!"

    Today is already turning out to be one of those days.

    I take my first patient back to take acutaties, tell her to cover her left eye. She takes her hand, not the paddle mind you, but her hand and covers her left eye. Instead of wanting to correct her, I simply hand her the paddle, hoping that she will catch on, instead she starts to cover her right eye with the paddle.

    HOW I ask you, does she expect to see with both eyes covered?

    Then, I have another lady that comes in, her autorefract over her contacts is +1.25 -1.25, while the rx on her glasses is spherical, obvious over wear. When I ask her how often does she take her contacts out, she confides in me that it's once every two weeks, when they bother her. As for giving her eyes a break from the contacts, the night before she will take them out and then pop a fresh pair in the next day.

    At one point I used to lecture the patients, now I look at them, tell them that they are adults and if they know better and choose to do what they do, so be it.

    Just felt like venting on what is turning out to a be a painfully slow day.


    I know how you feel,Richard. Full moons come at least twice a week in our store, too.

    I had someone call me the other day, that had dialed the wrong number. Busy with 2 people at the same time, trouble-shooting a non-adapt, and the phone ringing all at once, The lady asked me if I would look up the number she was trying to call in the phone book !!! Sure, Lady, I don't have anything better to do!


      Oh yea I feel everyone's pain on full moon issues! I had a pt call last week and ask if the price of the exam included both eyes. What?!!! Uh no ma'am we do one eye bring you back in about 2 weeks and check the other. Would you like to start on the right eye or left? I mean really!!! One of the other opticians yesterday got a call and this girl was going to an amusement park and wanted to know if her contacts would blow out of her eyes on the rollercoaster. I really think some people need to get a dog. Would do them good and the humane society.
      Hope everyone has a great day!!!


        Ok.... should I be the one to say it?
        Ya'll know that there is a full next month.. on friday the 13th? If you think things are bad wait until then.
        I love reading these posts... glad I'm not the only one who get's these questions.

        Suzy "I'll be hiding under the bed again" Welch