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    optician jokes

    anybody out there know any good optician jokes ?

    I will start the ball rolling with this one :

    two friends mike and harry playing golf together, they both play to the same standard.
    Harry is playing out of his skin, all his drives are straight at the pin and he is sinking every putt. He ends up winning by 15 strokes !
    So mike asks Harry how come his game got so good.
    " it,s these new super bifocals my optician made me,I look out the top, when I am driving ,the pin looks as if it,s only 50 yards away, then when I get on the green I look out the bottom and the hole looks the size of a dustbin lid I cant miss ."

    "I,ve gotta get me some of those " mike says

    A few weeks later they meet up at a bar for a drink, mike is proudly wearing
    his brand new super bifocals. He buys a round then goes to the restroom
    when he comes out his trousers are absolutely drenched with p**s.

    " mike, what the hell happened! " harry says.

    "I think it,s these new glasses " he says " when I looked down I could see two
    instead of one, Well I knew the big one was mine , so I put the other one
    away "
    To find out what,s happening in the UK optical market:

    Guess who i bumped into today in the opticians......


      This isn't a joke actually, a true story. A friend of mine was married to an OD and they got divorced. She told me she left him because their sex life was so bad--she got tired or "Is it better this way or is it better this way?" I think/hope she was joking but I thought it was funny!:bbg:


        Not as such a Joke but funny anyways

        Farmer Test types
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