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Any database of lenses?

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    Any database of lenses?

    Hi everyone, sorry if something is not well written, English is not my first language.
    I am writing this post as I cannot find a solution to the problem I am facing.
    We are a small company located in Spain that manufactures customisable frames and lenses for all types of glasses. At the moment, we are in a phase of expansion and digitalisation, as previously we only offered our services in a physical shop. For this reason, we are developing a utility through which our customers can buy our services online.

    It is for this reason that we are looking for a company or service that can give us the necessary data to cut the lenses from the frame code and the information provided by the user.

    Exemplifying this, the process would be as follows:

    The customer accesses our website, enters the data of the glasses for which he wants to buy new lenses (Frame code: Example: RB4275), using this database we identify the type of lens compatible with this frame and its technical specifications for proper manufacturing. This data is sent to our workshop and it is able to manufacture the compatible lenses without having to take the measurements of the glass physically in the store.

    I think having an online optical shop is bad for the customer/patient.