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    Should Opticians Refract (Votes: 277)

    1. Yes (unequivocally, with no supervision or restrictions)- with formal training (Votes: 122)

    2. Yes (with no supervision, but with restrictions as to whom can be seen) (Votes: 66)

    3. Yes (with supervision) (Votes: 65)

    4. No (because there is no need for Opticians to refract) (Votes: 60)

    5. No (Opticians are not capable of refracting) (Votes: 14)

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    1. opticalynn's Avatar
      opticalynn -
      The Administrator I work for has said that Medicare has rules that opticians cannot get our lab lenses, no vendor frames, NO incentives can be received or accepted. I sell lenses that I haven't even tried myself. She claims this is under the medicare "kick-back" law. I have tried to research this also checking the CFR. This law is mainly for "referrals" with doctors working with each other's practices. There seems to be a law that exempts certain things from this "Medicare Law". Also, it seems like every week a Rep from a pharma company is bringing elaborate lunches for the whole office. I guess that's ok because she says its "under $20.00 per person!
      Anyone know anything certain about...If you take Medicare, you cannot, as an optician get ANY free lenses, frames, etc.......
    1. Steve Machol's Avatar
      Steve Machol -

      You should post this as a new thread in the General Discussion forum if you want feedback.
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