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  • Vision-Ease Lens Primary Sponsor of OptiBoard

    Vision-Ease Lens Primary Sponsor of OptiBoard
    Lens manufacturer to focus on providing professional development information, serve as resource to online forum of eyecare professionals

    RAMSEY, Minn. (April 2, 2012) – Vision-Ease Lens, maker of quality ophthalmic lenses, is pleased to become the primary sponsor of OptiBoard, the premier online community with over 16,000 eyecare professional members. Beginning in April 2012, VEL will provide educational, promotional and forum-driven content to OptiBoard members, with special focus on engaging the site’s most active users: independent opticians and retailers.

    “OptiBoard is a fantastic, one-stop community for eyecare professionals that establishes a dialogue between eye care providers, retailers, labs and manufacturers beyond what can be found in print publications,” said Jay Lusignan, marketing communications manager, Vision-Ease Lens. “Vision-Ease Lens embraced the chance to become involved with this community more closely, and we’re looking forward to establishing our partnership and taking an active, engaged role.”

    As sponsor, Vision-Ease Lens will show they strongly support the eyecare community by providing OptiBoard members with materials and communications helpful to the industry, and will provide information on Vision-Ease Lens’ products and services. In addition, frequently updated sponsored content will be available on high-traffic, visible pages.

    “OptiBoard is pleased to have Vision-Ease Lens as a sponsor to provide information, to help address day-to-day issues eyecare providers face in their practices, and to serve as a resource to the industry,” said Steve Machol, OptiBoard founder.

    About Vision-Ease Lens
    Headquartered in Ramsey, Minn., Vision-Ease Lens is a manufacturer of quality ophthalmic lenses including LifeRx® light-responsive lenses, Coppertone® polarized lenses, SunRxÒ polarized lenses, and IlluminaÒ progressive line-free lenses. Vision-Ease Lens products are sold through independent opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists, as well as many retail chains and dispensing markets across the country. For more information about Vision-Ease Lens and its products, visit www.vision-ease.com.

    About OptiBoard
    The premier internet site for eyecare professionals worldwide, OptiBoard was started in 1995 by industry veteran Steve Machol. More than 19,500 fully registered Members and 400,000 messages, the OptiBoard forums have become the most widely viewed online resource for information in the industry. In addition to general eyecare related topics, OptiBoard also includes a Marketplace forum, a Jobs Board forum and an Ophthalmic Optics forum.
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    4 degree axis change on a 250 cyl for right eye...

    4 degree axis change on a 250 cyl for right eye is a lot. I assume no complaints about the left? 250 cyl and 1 degree of change pt accepts it? I would see if the Dr would bless a axis of 21 and in 3...

    CCGREEN 06-25-2019, 01:54 PM Go to last post

    Help please

    Have a 55 year old female. Old Rx from 2017 is
    OD: -9.75 -2.50 019 +2.25 6BD
    OS: -12.75 -2.25 163 +2.25 6BU
    Has a pd of 24.5/26.5. Her old frame is a 48 eye,15 bridge with...

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    Boutique Eyewear Sales - Royal Oak, MI!

    Boutique eyewear sales/optician – Sophisticated Suburb living of upper scale Detroit
    Located in the upscale community of Oakland County, we are proud to provide Southeast Michigan with distinctive...

    imatters.net 06-25-2019, 01:06 PM Go to last post

    Ahh, yea, ok. All that will *help a little*...

    Ahh, yea, ok. All that will *help a little* ........With 4D of vertical imbalance! Jezz! :rolleyes:

    ( I give up!)

    optical24/7 06-25-2019, 01:00 PM Go to last post

    Geez, you're making too much out of this. The...

    Geez, you're making too much out of this.

    The newer designs have increased depth of focus, so that helps a little, because they wouldn't have to look down as far.

    There are short corridors that...

    drk 06-25-2019, 12:44 PM Go to last post
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