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    Should Opticians Refract (Votes: 242)

    1. Yes (unequivocally, with no supervision or restrictions)- with formal training (Votes: 106)

    2. Yes (with no supervision, but with restrictions as to whom can be seen) (Votes: 60)

    3. Yes (with supervision) (Votes: 55)

    4. No (because there is no need for Opticians to refract) (Votes: 58)

    5. No (Opticians are not capable of refracting) (Votes: 13)

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  • NuPolar - The Science of Color

    When dispensing polarized eyewear to your patients, remember that NuPolar lenses come in a range of true colors that do not sacrifice polarization efficiency. The following excerpt from The Art & Science of NuPolar explains Younger Optics' philosophy on polarized lens colors.

    The Art & Science of NuPolar is a 20-page full-color brochure that is available to ECPs to order free of charge at Younger Optics' website: ORDER HERE.
    It is designed to help ECPs explain to patients the importance of having polarized Rx sunwear.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: NuPolar - The Science of Color started by YO Aimee View original post
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