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    Should Opticians Refract (Votes: 242)

    1. Yes (unequivocally, with no supervision or restrictions)- with formal training (Votes: 106)

    2. Yes (with no supervision, but with restrictions as to whom can be seen) (Votes: 60)

    3. Yes (with supervision) (Votes: 55)

    4. No (because there is no need for Opticians to refract) (Votes: 58)

    5. No (Opticians are not capable of refracting) (Votes: 13)

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  • VISION EXPO WEST 2011: Younger Optics Offering Free-Fit Coupons

    This is your invitation to see "Abbe" demonstrated live!
    Younger Optics has developed a patented new device that lets you see and compare the difference in chromatic aberration between lens materials side-by-side.
    Visit Younger Optics Booth 7099 at Vision Expo West for a free demonstration. This is not a simulation. See it with your own eyes.

    Eyecare Professionals who see the Abbe Demonstration
    will receive a free-fit coupon for any Trilogy® lens product by Younger Optics.
    This includes NuPolar Trilogy - Visual Armor.

    This is an offer you can't pass up. Please stop by our booth and introduce yourself!
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