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  • LABORATORIES: Younger Optics Improves Clear Trilogy Lens Blank

    Younger Optics Improves Clear Trilogy Lens Blank
    to Ease Digital and Conventional Processing

    California-based lens innovator Younger Optics has improved its Trilogy® Semi-Finished lens blank to meet the changing need of the optical industry.

    The lens blanks have been thickened in the lower base curves in order to ease processing for both digital and conventional surfacing methods. This change affects clear Trilogy lenses, bases 0.50 to 4.25, but does not apply to Trilogy lenses with 5 through 8 base curves.

    Trilogy lenses, made with the revolutionary Trivex™ material by PPG Industries, offer the best combination of being thin and light, while also offering excellent optics and impact resistance. Trilogy is an ideal choice for 3-piece drill-mounted frames, due to its excellent resistance to small fractures at the drill points.

    “We are pleased to improve the clear Trilogy lens blank to meet the needs of our customers. This is all part of our pledge to be the easiest company to do business with,” said David Rips, CEO of Younger Optics. “Trilogy lenses continue to receive great interest in the marketplace as the rimless frame category grows through all channels of the industry. Laboratories can offer eyecare professionals a product with premium features with the assurance of a lifetime warranty against lens cracking.”

    Trilogy lenses have been recognized by the Optical Laboratories Association with three OLA Awards of Excellence. In 2002, Trilogy was named “Best in Lens Materials.” In 2003, Trilogy in Transitions was named “Best in Lens Treatments.” In 2010, NuPolar® Trilogy – Visual Armor® was named “Best in Lens Materials.”

    With world headquarters in Torrance, CA, Younger Optics has been devoted to bringing innovative products to the optical industry for more than 50 years. For more information about Younger Optics, Trilogy Lenses, NuPolar Trilogy – Visual Armor, and other products, visit the company’s web site at www.youngeroptics.com.

    Laboratories are receiving a mailing this week from Younger Optics which includes the new barcodes and updated lens specifications.

    View Complete Trilogy Technical Specs

    Updated VCA File for improved Trilogy Lenses: Younger Optics Trilogy SFSV Clear - Bases 0.50 to 4.25.txt

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