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  • VISION EXPO EAST: OptiBoard Members to receive NuPolar Trilogy free-fit voucher!

    I would like to invite all Optiboarders to visit Younger Optics at booth 1622 at Vision Expo East.

    We will be giving each OptiBoard Member a free fit voucher for NuPolar Trilogy – Visual Armor, with demonstration.

    Come by and introduce yourself. It will be nice to put a face with your name. We are looking forward to seeing you there.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: VISION EXPO EAST: OptiBoard Members to receive NuPolar Trilogy free-fit voucher! started by CEO View original post
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    1. Judy Canty's Avatar
      Judy Canty -
      Thanks David! Even though I won't be there, the very generous offer is greatly appreciated. You, your family and your company continue to be stars in our little opti-world.
    1. kcount's Avatar
      kcount -

      Not going this year but certainly appreciate the offer and the support for Optiboard.

    1. kcount's Avatar
      kcount -
      Alright at the last minute I'm going.
    1. bob66hall's Avatar
      bob66hall -
      Quote Originally Posted by kcount View Post
      Alright at the last minute I'm going.
      Sorry I missed you post...would have bought you a coffee at VEE. Next time!

    1. Lado's Avatar
      Lado -
      To all opticians who love this career: I am optician ABOC, NCLEC (189567 ) teaching ophthalmic optics to underprivileged students who are not able to attend a college in Peru ( South America). I am looking for someone to DONATE equipment for edging lenses and optical stuffs. My passion is to teach and train individuals to acquire knowledge and competency skills in this area to better their lives and promote our profession. Please join me in this exciting venture and email me at lado136@yahoo.es
      Thank you so much.
    1. wmcdonald's Avatar
      wmcdonald -
      Go to the forum's page and re-post. This will not be visible here, and deserves to be read.