[bc]Vision Advantage Named Exclusive Distributor of the Adapt-a-Lap Book Holder[/bc]
May 5, 2004 (PALM DESERT, CA) -- Vision Advantage International Inc., headquartered in Palm Desert, CA, is pleased to announce it is the exclusive distributor of the Adapt-a-Lap hands-free and adjustable book holder, reading easel, and portable desk.

The patented, portable unit is small (12"x14") and lightweight (32 oz.) enough to take anywhere. It can rest on the user's lap or desk, and, thanks to a telescopic leg that extends up to 42", it can also be adjusted to stand at a variety of heights and angles.

It can be used by low vision patients as well as others who are looking for convenience, comfort, and portability. For those suffering from low vision, it will leave the hands free to hold a magnifier or pen, and can also be used with a CCTV. By tilting the board, illumination can be adjusted and glare eliminated.

Transparent monofilament lines hold the pages flat for reading, and elastic straps hold materials in place during both use and transport. A comfortable hand grip makes it easy to transport. It is large enough to accommodate a notebook computer, but small enough to fit into a bag or briefcase.

Vision Advantage International is a leading distributor of technology for the visually impaired.