Product: Eye Saver – Easy Reading Bulb
Vendor: Westinghouse
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Reviewer: Traci Wyatt

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Westinghouse (in association with NASA) has designed the Eye Saver Light Bulb to direct light where you need it most. The Eye Saver bulb has a unique chrome top, which deflects 40% of the light downward increasing the light output where people need it most. The bulb also has a lightly frosted finish that reduces eyestrain by reducing glare.

The bulbs are available in a 125-watt and a three-way 50/125/175 watt. Both bulbs have a life rating of 2000 hours. MSRP is $9.95. The bulb is only available in optical stores.

The only complaint I have is my table lamp at my desk is only rated for a 60-watt bulb, so the 125-watt bulb is not appropriate for my lamp and most lamps with recommended reduced wattage. I suppose using the 3-way on the lowest setting will work.

The bulb does deflect more light downward and less upward, which can easily be seen by the shadows on the wall behind the lamp. These bulbs do not work in task lamps (lamps which deflect light from the top of the bulb).

The Eye Saver Bulb is a more efficient lighting choice for lamps that one works “under” for reading and other tasks that require more light. Especially for people with vision loss.

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