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Thread: The Holiday Season Around the World

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    The Holiday Season Around the World

    There hasn't been a lot of action on the International scene recently, and as I was driving home today from work, I went through the Christian Arab Quarter which is in the Downtown Haifa area. One of our stores is there and my Lab is also.

    As I passed the church, there was loud music playing from loudspeakers strung up around the church and across the street, they were playing carols, it was wonderful to hear all the familiar tunes but the words of course were in Arabic. There were lots of small children dressed as Santa Claus strolling around with big bells in their hands shouting out "Ho - Ho- Ho "

    Haifa is a unique city here in Israel where the Jews, Muslims and Christian Arabs all live and work in harmony. An example for the rest of the area!

    Our holiday festival in Israel is Hannukah which we call The Festival of Lights. It is celebrated by Jews around the world and especially for kids it's a great time as presents are given, just as they are for Christmas.

    It's an 8 day festival and each night an extra candle is added to the 8 pronged candelabra and lit.
    The traditional sweet delight that is served is called a Suffgania...... the rest of the world would know this as a delicious jam stuffed Doughnut, but for some reason they taste a whole lot better over Hannukah although I have to say after the third day, I usually give up on this delight!

    Well, that's a short potted version of what happens here...... let's hear what happens in your part of the world

    Happy holidays to everyone and lets pray for Good Health, Peace and Friendship around the world for the coming year.

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    From your description onf Hannukah, it appears that is the holiday that you celebrate. Let me first wish you a Happy Hannukah. (Spelled so many different ways). Am I correct that it begins this year on December 18th?

    I believe that it is marvelous the way the Jews, Muslims and Christian Arabs all live, work and obviously celebrate in harmony in your area. I'm in an area that includes a huge cultural mix, and I love it.

    Understanding other cultures is what will bring what a lot of us wish for at this time of year..."Peace on Earth".

    In my Christian church, we celebrate the Christmas season. We have Christmas programs including music at some time in December. We just did ours last week, and it was great. I direct a children's choir and they were tremendous. We also have what we call a live nativity outside on our church grounds, where MANY people dress up in costumes and act out the scene of Bethlehem during the census during the time and the birth of Christ. It includes live animals, a live baby who is protected from the elements. The weather cooperated this year and most nights it was cold, and beautiful.

    We exchange gifts with friends and family, at parties, and particularly on Christmas Eve and Day. Santa Clause brings gifts to only good little girls and boys, and when you really think about it, they are ALL good.

    We eat a lot of goodies, not just sweets, which many of us regret later.

    Anyway, it seems pretty normal to me, and I would love to hear about other cultures, as well.

    Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

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