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Thread: Edger help: What is a good Used Edger to purchase from Third Party?

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    Blue Jumper Edger help: What is a good Used Edger to purchase from Third Party?

    We have a practice that cuts 30 jobs a week. We had a Briot Accura Edger and Santinelli 9000SX in the past. We mostly cut Poly, Cr-39, HI : Single Vision. We groove occasionally. No need for drill mount (we just send it out to local lab). Any suggestions on which manufacture edger to purchase.

    Factors include:
    Parts and supply availability
    Phone support ( I know Santinelli requires recertification),
    Cost for on-location repairs by their service techs.

    Thanks for your feedback.
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    Because you seem to be familiar with Santinelli contact Vision Systems
    Or contact Barry Shepard to find a good used deal. Personally I like the 6 or 7E.

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    I love my refurbed Santinelli 9000, purchaed 3rd hand from someone who purchased it used from VSI. Very solid workhorse with little to no issues.

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    I'd look at a National Optronics 7E. At only 30 jobs/week, there would be minimal maintenance. You would only have to clean-out weekly and vacuum bag change-out every 5 - 6 weeks. A disposable carbide blade would last 10 weeks. Your annual consumables would be under $500/yr. Wet-cut systems need a little bit more TLC.
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    My LE9000sx from VSI is a beast of an edger. Sure it doesn't have some of the menu frills of other edgers, but it gives you great control of bevels, has a fantastic auto bevel placement and grinds through any and all materials in any RX easily (though it is slower than some) use the right pad/tape combination and there is 0 slippage. Easily the best return on investment of any piece of equipment in the entire office. It also has an amazing polish feature. Unless you are planning on drilling I couldn't imagine a better choice. I think about upgrading sometimes though, but 5 years in and it hasn't failed me yet, except for having the tracer disassembled and cleaned one time.

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