Recently purchased this bonnie beauty of a manual lensometer (lensmeter?). It came with no guarantee of calibration, just that the bulb worked and the reticle is visible through the eyepiece. I have used this particular model for months at my current shop and love it to death. Accurate, reliable, and dots as straight as an arrow. I have much experience repairing and servicing the B&L style vertometers; so I figured that giving this little salaryman of a lensmeter a shine and a polish wouldnt be too difficult.

After receiving the lensmeter, I took her out for a spin and the mires seem to be straight and accurate, the reticle is focused and zeros out nicely. Axis is beautiful and ramrod straight.

My one issue is the prism compensating ring. I can zero it out, and it falls right into dead center of the reticle at 0-180, but when I move the prism axis on the prism compensating ring to 90 it wanders. Im not sure how this can be adjusted, so anyone who has done this work before please let me know how it can be done. Ive googled to no avail. Also, I have access to a Gaugemaster, if that would help in calibrating this (I dont think so, but Its worth throwing out there).

Any help the community could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.