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    Does anyone use the OMS by RichWare? It looks pretty interesting. I am currently using RLISYS and I'm thinking I'm ready for
    a new system. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Love Eyecom2.

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    We used officemate in a couple offices and RLIsys in another office. Personally, I think both were terrible given the options out there today.

    DOS-based software no longer has a viable niche in the market primarily because Microsoft is trying to get rid of it alltogether.

    Maximeyes, Alpha Bytes, OMS, Eyecom^2, OptimEyes, and a handull of others look great.

    They all have web pages. If you can't find them, drop me an email and I'll list them out for you. (They are also listed on

    -Brian Spittle
    UAB School of Optometry

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