Great news, My friends lab has become successful partners with many premium eyecare providers throughout the area!

The better news is we expanding with excellent products, uncanny customer service, and exceptional craftsmanship!

Most importantly, we are inviting you to become part of our success and our family as a lab benchman.

Todays career is mainly benchwork, and our outlook is bright for adding generators to compliment the client experience.

What makes us to great is you and technology..

We have established the best lens brands from Hoya, Shamir, and Essilor to our most favorite collection, Shaw lenses. These engineering marvels in optical lenses require experienced lab personnel to make it the best pair of glasses for that patient.

Our career is perfect for previous lab benchmen, and those opticians that love detail in a beautiful and functional pair of glasses.

Primary Duties include:
-Verification of all lens orders
-Manual lensometer
-Lay-out, blocking, and edging
-Final inspection
-Daily, weekly, monthly maintenance of lab equipment
-Repairs and adjustments
-Lens ordering

Joining us is joining your best career move in 2017 – we provide a full time career with benefits, nights and weekends are yours to kick up your heels!

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