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Thread: Carl Zeiss Gradal Plus vs SolaOne HDv

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    Carl Zeiss Gradal Plus vs SolaOne HDv

    CZ over in my country is currently marketing SolaOne HDv at the same segment with Gradal Plus (which is at the moment the most basic range progressive for CZ progressive range in our country). This meaning both lenses are selling at the same cost.

    I would have thought that SolaOne HDv would be comparable to GT2 3D instead of Gradal Plus. Anyone can comment on this?

    I would also want to know more about Gradal Plus, I can't seem to find much info online and as for CZ rep, the only thing that they could tell me is that Gradal Plus gives very good distance vision (above 180) as compared to HDv that gives better intermediate and near.

    I kinda think Zeiss is confusing us with their marketing strategies when it comes to Sola and Zeiss that they both carry.

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    Hi, welcome..

    CZ is more generous in far distance while SOla is more for near is quite true. i have not tried Gradal PLus but i did have some very good experience with Sola One HDV.

    by understand the lifestyle, visual needs of your patient you should able to provide him/her a visual solution with either one of these lenses. all the best.

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    Its a strategy CZV taking to enlarge its share in the Zeiss brand in Middle east & Far east asia with respect to the sola which is popular with an excellent design. Remember that ZEISS as a brand is a premium one , to accomodate selling this Gradal cheap , they r making it in india banglore maybe they'll shift to delhi soon where the cost will be lowered compared to production in germany. nevertheless, will u change ur new mercedes benz new model to one made in 80's or 90's??????............... stay with SOLAONE HD & HDV ................ Gradal is obsolete even that they say that they enhance it ........... still a very old design:)

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