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Thread: opticians today vs opticians in the past

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    Man, I really dislike te-kill-ya. Can it be a nice smooth top-shelf bourbon?
    Wesley S. Scott, MBA, MIS, ABOM, NCLE-AC
    "As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it." - Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by RIMLESS View Post
    I assumed that and of course you would only slug in down out of a Waterford crystal shot glass right?
    To be authentic, it would have to be from a dirty mason jar served luke warm.

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    OK you got me!
    90% of everything is crap...except for crap, because crap is 100% crap

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhiTrace View Post
    Wow I didn't know that supporting patron silver a great tequila opened up so many doors, I also didn't know that your organization was affiliated with a tequila brand.
    Actually I was referring to your statement that you were willing to put your money where your mouth was. I thought that quite refreshing in as much as you were beginning to sound like one of those people who always complain about this site, and do nothing to help it along. I must have been mistaken because so far you have not put your money anywhere near your mouth. Talk is cheap, so is tequilla AND some of its PATRON'S. Tread carefully when trying to make someone look like a Buffoon.
    Why not try answering the question I posted in the thread above, you will go a long way in establishing some creditability which you seriously lack.
    "Always laugh when you can. It is a cheap medicine"
    Lord Byron

    Take a photo tour of Cape Cod and the Islands!

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    I didn't complain and your post seems a bit harsh, I didn't know that 5 to 10 a month bought credibility. That seems a bit cheap to me. My hesitation is that by subscribing I lose my anonymity I don't see a way to address that and quite frankly I don't see how paying with my time and money makes my posts more palatable.

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