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Thread: lets cooperate here in how to add value to a normal lens

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    lets cooperate here in how to add value to a normal lens

    Over 7 years of experience in ophthalmic optics field, I have encountered some enlightenments that can add great value to the same lens both you and your nearby rival sale.
    Lets all , work for the greatest satisfaction of the customer, and document here what makes the value-added benefit , which I am sure it will reflect in your share of his wallet .
    The enablers of added value : to the customer about the benefits of the lens, not about the optical characteristics. Say " AR coating will make the appearance of your eye clearer from behind the lens, so you connect deeply with whom you talk to. In addition, it will avoid you eye flaming , or dry eye, … etc". don’t say "it will make the optical performance of the lens superior, rather than inferior without it."
    2.decenter the OC vertically down 1 mm for every 2ْ of pantoscopic tilt. If you did not with the aspheric or double aspheric lens, then you are committing a crime,
    3.acquire a bolarscopic, so you can assure your self that the lens is void of any stress that certainly will change the power,
    4.with both single vision and progressives lenses, change the pantoscopic tilt of the frame (as it is lies on the customer's face) to have 8-12 degrees of pantoscopic tilt. Especially with the progressives, so both visual axes of the eye and the optical axis of the lens coincide,
    5.sell your customer a customized lens, that considers the POWs, or position of wear measurements. Even if it is a single vision lens. Kindly review the course namely "optics of free form 1&2" of dyrel meister. POWs can change the spherocylender power from those prescribed.
    Your aids are very welcome .

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