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Well, the Ipseo is also full freeform but nobody uses that so that leaves the DRx. ALL of the other Physio flavors have a molded front PAL design and are 'digitally surfaced' on the backside; yes, the front side mold IS cast from a digitally surfaced glass mold and yes, they ARE cut on CNC generators... but few people (outside of Essilor) would agree that that make it 'freeform' - it is not. As far as "dual add" goes, consider that half of the 'duo' is molded onto the front, with the other half - and the rest of the PAL design and Rx - digitally surfaced on the back. I'll let you decide if that is a 'true' freeform.
Essilor is far from alone in being vague about their product technology.
Thanks for the follow up Tony. I'm furiously studying the subject right now. It appears that

Physio Enhanced FIT, Physio Enhanced Eyecode, and Ipseo Eyecode all take into account monocular PD, Fitting Height, Frame Wrap, Panto, VD and some the (special Eyecode/Head Cape/Posture) which would may place them in the category of a freeform.

The DrX only accounts for PD, Fitting Height, but PAL is cut on backside. For what its worth, I would not consider this in the category of a freeform. To me, its more akin to a traditional lens being digitally surfaced on the backside, part way there, but no cigar. No ability to move the optimal reading zone around as one would normally do with a free form lense.

The others mentioned, all appear to be true freeforms, but then they have to throw a wrench into the equation by having this so called DUALOPTIX. As you mention, its hard to know what this would do. I perceive it as a "set" PAL on the frontside, with a "freeform" PAL on the back and it somehow compensates the front design. My gut feel concerning the molded PAL on the front, is that it would ruin the whole reason for going freeform in the first place, but what do I know about this subject, next to nothing, at least compared to the gurus :) To me, a big part of using a PAL freeform design is to provide the ability to adjust the corridor length and move the reading zone to the most optimal position in the frame, and it feels like a molded PAL on the front side would hamper the ability to do this?