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    Wink Prentice Prismatic Power AppPhone Java

    I've developed this App for java phones for a while ago. It was available in my web page but in portuguese language.

    Finally, I had the time to translated it.

    This is a kind of demo for the another app for java phone called "Opto_Alberto".

    But first things first.

    Download the jar and jad files. Copy to your phone memory card and use the file manager for installing. Simply choose the jar file and normally it will be sufficient for installing... Other wise, consult your phone java installing instructions. Some phones use a especially design software on a PC to install java mobile software. Check if this is your case.

    Then... The software should be available for run in your phone. Start it and choose:


    Cruise arround the two next screen, paying attention to the messages and go to the calculator screen.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You can enter the spherical power and the decentration. Choose "menu" and "Calculate"... and voila!!! The result!

    Check out the thread on Opto_Alberto!!! I'm certain you will find it useful.
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