ZEISS Introduces 100% Customized Wrap Lenses

San Diego (January 17, 2011) – Carl Zeiss Vision announces the introduction of a full line of customized ZEISS lens designs created specifically for highly wrapped lenses. This line includes three wrap-specific customized lenses designs (ZEISS Individual® PAL Wrap, ZEISS GT2® 3D Wrap, and ZEISS GT2 3D Short Wrap), as well as ZEISS Individual SV Wrap for single vision wearers.

“Wrap lenses provide style and the superior UV protection. They continue to grow in popularity both for sun and clear eyewear, but past designs could not provide optimal vision in a steeply curved lens,” said Joe Donahoe, Carl Zeiss Vision’s President, North America -Pacific. “For the first time, we have a full line of lenses designed specifically to give wearers the best possible vision in wrap frames.”

The combination of advanced customized design and Carl Zeiss Vision’s proprietary Rx and prism compensation widens the area of clear vision in ZEISS Wraps by as much as 50% over standard lens designs in wrap frames. In addition, ZEISS wrap lenses feature the same customization approaches as their standard-frame equivalents. Depending on the specific design chosen, this may include prescription customization, an adjustable corridor and compensation for the way the lenses fit the wearer’s face. All ZEISS customized wrap lenses are fully compatible with i.Scription, the ZEISS process that compensate the lens design based on the patient’s higher-order wavefront aberrations to deliver superior night vision.

Like ZEISS customized progressives for standard frames, ZEISS wraps are available in price tiers with increasing degrees of customization: Good (GT2 3D Wrap), Better (GT2 3DV Wrap), and Best (ZEISS Individual Wrap). “We are committed to providing a complete customized lens portfolio to our customers and their patients through our 100% Customized Portfolio,” said Bernadette Hiskey, Carl Zeiss Vision’s Director, Product Marketing. “ZEISS wrap lenses extend this portfolio to the growing sunlens market, creating optically superior multiple pair options for practices and their patients.”

All ZEISS wrap designs are available in clear, Transitions® Gray and Brown, and NuPolar® Polarized Gray and Brown, in 1.50 hard resin and 1.59 polycarbonate materials.

Carl Zeiss Vision is a leader in lenses, coatings, Rx Lab services and equipment. Through its ZEISS, SOLA, Teflon® Clear Coat Lenses and American Optical brands, Carl Zeiss Vision works continually to deliver a superior visual experience to wearers and growth to the optical industry. Carl Zeiss Vision’s North American headquarters are located in San Diego, California.