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    Redhot Jumper HOYA Trinity

    Does anyone tell me the lens performance between HOYA ID and TRINITY?

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    ID is a balanced design and it gives a more wider vision and control a better peripheral distortion on both side.
    Trinity is a special design that we can choose either dist/intermediate/near depend on our customer's need. You need to be very careful with what the patient is wearing because they will compare with what they have.

    If you want to know more, ask their professional manager, he can explain to you more deeply.

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    Same lenses
    Salus Aegroti Suprema Lex Est

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    Hoya iD and Hoya Trinity are not the same lenses.

    Hoya Trinity incorporates Hoya iD lens design concepts (double sided integrated digital surface, variable near inset (or nominated inset values 0mm-6mm) etc, but now includes frame fitting parameters (i.e., Pantoscopic Angle (tilt), Frame Face Angle (wrap), and Back Vertex Distance (corneal distance)).

    In addition, like previous posts, the patients basic lifestyle choices are under consideration, 3 types of sub-designs (each specialized for either near (M), distance (S) or a balanced (B) type lens) and depending on which country you're ordering from, either 11mm, 14mm or 16mm corridor lengths.

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