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    Big Smile PixelOptics!

    Hi everyone,

    We really want to carry emPower! by Pixel Optics at our office. We had tried emPower! from Pixel Optics at the Vision Expo West last weekend, but...we were not sold at all by them.

    Have anyone tried emPower! by pixel optics and decide to carry them at your office yet? Please share your inputs. Thanks.


    P.S: I wish I could meet any optiboard members at the show. Should optiboard members meet at least once a year?

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    There was a thread on this just recently in the General Optics portion of the forum - try a search, I think they've been brought up a few times since.

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    We are putting ourselves in a position to carry Empower when it launches povided everything comes together. The glasses at VEW were just a chop job to get something together to demonstrate. There is still a lot that needs to be finalized on the lens. Aspex will have 36 frame options to use with the lens. With Essilor buying Shamir, it is possible that Pixel will get the financial assistance it needs to complete the lens, or it may vanish into the realm of cool ideas that never came to be. We know it will not be a huge seller, but the technology it offers makes it something we want to offer. I told the group at Pixel that if they could make it so that you can see a ESPN scoreboard in the lenses, that there is not as guy out there that would not pay $1000 for a pair.

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