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    Wave Shoreview Progressive

    Has anyone any information or experience with the Shoreview progressive? My lab is offering it to me as a low cost option for a safety eyewear account. I have no information on it other than what the lab tells me which is not much. The price is very attractive but I'm reluctant to use it without some knowledge of how it performs. Any data or info would be help.

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    We have used the Shoreview & the Shoreview Mini as our value price lenses for almost 2 years now. Of the probably 60-80 we've done so far I think we've have 1 non-adapt, which was a first time progressive wearer. One of my co-workers who tried it said that the channel is slight harder to find then the Comfort or Physio, but she likes the lens. We have yet to use it for safety eyewear so I do not know if the clarity issue would be affect by the extra thickness.

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    Seems to be a good thread here about those lenses.

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    Try the Younger Image!

    Younger supports Optiboard, Shoreview......not so much!

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    We surface fit and dispense Shoreview. Very few non-adapts. The mini, like all minis, has a little higher non-adapt rate.

    We also do the Younger Image, and we are doing more and more of it. Younger is a good company to work with.

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