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Thread: Opticians on the Rise ???

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    Confused Opticians on the Rise ???

    I'm a New Jersey Licensed Optician for the past 20 years. I received Great News the other day when my son informed me he wanted to become a Licensed Optician like his dear "Very Old Dad". The reason why I'm offering this information out to anyone who cares is simple. N.J. Opticians are having an up hill battle keeping Our License in tact. With the cost of gas plus having to pay back his previous college loans(can't seem to get a job), he's not able to do the 3 hour traveling(1 1/2 each way to closest school) plus 3 days a week trip. We have been informed and I checked with our State board, Jr. is able to get his schooling on line.
    One of the things that we need as a profession is not only the Quality BUT Quantity.I feel this could open the door for anyone on the bubble to join our State Licenseing Program.
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    I used to be a NJ Licensed Optician. I let go of my license when I moved to NC. I find that everywhere there is a problem with getting people that are licensed. It is truly disappointing that people don't believe in education and accreditation.

    My own husband (he has a Masters degree in his field) questioned whether it was worth it to get my NC license. Needless to say (but I will), I got my license. I did it not only for salary purposes but to also show people that I have been educated in this field and have an interest in fitting them with the latest eyewear fashion-wise and lens-wise.

    I think it just goes to show you how most young people are being brought up these days. They do not have the work ethic that you and I have. I tried my best to instill it in my 22 year old and hopefully she is proving it in her career. Big kudos to you and your son for being licensed and best wishes for a profitable career!

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