Carl Zeiss Vision Brings Personalized Lens Revolution to Single Vision Introducing Zeiss Individual SV
The personalized lens revolution is no longer just for presbyopes. Carl Zeiss Vision has announced the launch of Zeiss Individual SV, bringing precise personalization to single vision wearers and creating a completely new premium category for eye care practices.

In lenses, the opportunity to offer superior performance with a premium product has been associated almost exclusively with progressives, said Fred Howard, Carl Zeiss Visions President, Americas-Pacific. But wearers of standard single vision lenses suffer from the same visual compromises as semi-finished progressives wearers. By using the proprietary PreciseForm technology and process, we can create a truly superior visual experience for single vision wearers as well.

Many people think that the latest generation of aspheric and atoric lenses offer the best vision possible from a single vision lens, but the optical compromises of semi-finished lenses are significant, said Bernadette Hiskey, CZV Director, Customized Lenses. In fact, they can have up to .75 diopters of power error or more away from the center of the lens the equivalent of going from 20/20 to 20/40 vision. The situation is comparable to switching from standard TV to HDTV only then do you realize how good vision can really be.

Zeiss Individual uses the proven ZEISS approach to precise personalization to customize single vision in three key ways:

- Breakthrough edge-to-edge clarity, maximized for every face. The patients monocular PD, vertex distance, pantoscopic angle and frame wrap angle are incorporated into the design calculation to create optimum performance in that patients unique wearing position.
- Personalized optics for every prescription. Zeiss Individual SV creates and optimizes the design in real-time based on the patients exact combination of sphere, cylinder, axis and prism, eliminating the visual compromises that standard spherical and aspheric single vision lenses create for most prescriptions due to the base curve effect.
- Personalized patient engraving and authenticity card. As proof of personalization each Zeiss Individual SV lens can be further customized with a unique laser micro-engraving of the patients name or initials and is delivered with a premium after sale kit for the wearer incorporating an authenticity card and cleaning cloth to elevate the single vision purchase experience.

By personalizing the lenses in these ways, eye care professionals can give their patients up to 50% wider clear fields of view than standard single vision, said Hiskey.

With Zeiss Individual SV, we are doing more than creating superior vision for single vision wearers -- we are also creating a completely new premium sales opportunity, said Claude Labeeuw, CZV Vice President, Marketing and Business Development. We know from our experience with Zeiss Individual progressives that there is very little price resistance to a personalized product that delivers superior performance. By creating this level of performance to single vision, which has been viewed as almost a commodity category, we are creating an opportunity for ECPs when they need it most.

The ZEISS brand now offers a precisely personalized option for virtually any eyeglass lens wearer, concluded Howard. Whether they need single vision lenses, sunlenses, or progressives, we can offer them their best vision possible. And once theyve experienced Zeiss Individual, they will insist on it in future visits to their doctor.

Zeiss Individual SV is available in materials to suit virtually any wearer need and situation:

- Clear: 1.50, 1.59 Polycarbonate, 1.60 and 1.67 high index.
- Transitions VI Gray and Brown: 1.50, 1.59 Polycarbonate and 1.67 high index.
- NuPolar Polarized Gray and Brown: 1.50 and 1.59 Polycarbonate.
- Tints are also available on Hard Resin
- Available with ZEISS premium AR: PureCoat by ZEISS, Teflon Clear Coat Lenses and Carat Advantage

The Zeiss Individual SV lens is manufactured in-house at Carl Zeiss Vision laboratories, in addition to three certified enabled ZEISS customized lens partner labs Expert Optics in Shorewood IL, Perfect Optics in Vista CA and Three Rivers Optical in Pittsburgh, PA.

Eye Care Professionals seeking more information about Zeiss Individual may visit or call 1-888-ZEISS-4U.