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Thread: Poly TransitionS vs Poly Life Photogrey,DARKER?

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    Poly TransitionS vs Poly Life Photogrey,DARKER?

    Which of all single vision poly photochromic lenses gets darker?
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    Photgray is only available in Glass, it gets darker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chip anderson View Post
    Photgray is only available in Glass, it gets darker.

    Not a lot darker and much slower, especially to lighten back up. My experience has show the LifeRx to be inferior to Transitions. Armorlite's Instashades work very fast,not quite as dark as Transitions, but it lightens up way faster than anything.
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    Chip, we have to get you out of the shop...

    Photgray is only available in Glass, it gets darker
    Hey Chip,
    Photogray (1964) was last upgraded in 1978 to Photogray Extra or PGX...

    Transitions Plus, introduced in 1992 were darker than glass photochromics at 73° and 95°F, along with every Transitions lens generation since. This includes most of non Transitions lens brand plastic offerings launched since 1999.

    Bottom line all plastic photochromics that labs offer today will be darker on a hot sunny day than PGX.

    It is the residual indoor tint that cause some people to think the PGX lens is a dark lens.

    But yes, Transitions VI gray is the darkest lens available.

    Saying that, no clear to dark photochromic lens is a true sun lens replacement. If the patient is a heavy wearer of sunlenses, make sure you offer sunwear as a second pair for any extended outdoor wear and also for driving.

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