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Thread: Excel Vision, Integrated Health Plan & Humana Vision

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    Wave Excel Vision, Integrated Health Plan & Humana Vision

    We have had from a few of our pts to look into joining up with these ins groups, and I was wondering if anyone out there is currently providers, (or had been providers), for one, two or all three of the above mentioned ins policies and would not mind sharing their overall feelings about them. Thanks for your help.

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    I received a letter from excel vision. They had three different plans that were possible, and two of the reimbursement rates were decent. From talking with others I learned (and could have guessed) almost everyone who walks in your door will have the lowest paying plan.

    I threw it in the round file folder :)

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    Humana is Eyemed. Anyone with Humana Vision has funded benefits, if doesn't cover specifically vision, then they have a discount plan available.

    Similar to the Cigna and VSP arrangement
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    You might try explaining to these patients/(potential) that you can provide them with better service, quality product, faster turnaround time and warranties than any insurance can.

    Remind/explain that insurance glasses aren't *free*. You have co pays, overages, add-ons, plus the premium. If they already have insurance, tell them you are an out of network provider for their plan, that you give that plan's members xx discount and they can file for reimbursement from their provider and get what they "want".

    It is possible to wean ourselves from these insurance plans.

    * no offence to insurance plan lovers.....

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