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Thread: Distance Learning - help

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    Confused Distance Learning - help

    Hi all...

    I'm an Optical Advisor/Refractive Counsellor in Ireland, and was hoping to start the ABDO Distance Learning course to become a Dispensing Optician in September. Unfortunately my Fiancee has to move to the States soon for work so I was hoping there was a similar course(s) available over there...

    Can anyone tell what regulations there are in order to work in Optics in the USA, where offers Distance Learning Courses in Optincinary, and where do they stand on being internationally recognised....?

    I know I'm asking a lot, but at this point all help is greatly apreciated.



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    Bless your heart! The States are a mish-mosh of requirements which vary from state to state. You can find out much more about distance education at

    Good luck!!

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    Be done to findin out whare you goin in de states. Some places, no requirements or regulations at all. Some very restrictive.


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