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Thread: Takubomatic E900 Edger Information

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    Takubomatic E900 Edger Information

    Good Morning.

    First of all just to let you know that this is my first thread on Optiboard. I am an optician from Portugal so maybe I can bring a different view to this forum.
    The company I work for has started to think about replacing our edger and Takubomatic local distributor cam up with a quite interessting offer for the E900-Gp edger has anyone got experience with Takubomatic equipment and in special with their edgers, are they reliable and well built?

    And what about the Topcon ALE5000?

    Over her this market dominated by Essilor and Briot by the way.

    I will be waiting for your answers

    All of the best.

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    I can't help you. Sorry.

    I just wanted to welcome you to Optiboard!


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    a pattern maker from them longtime agon

    We had a takubomatic pattern cutter (gave away last year) for about 20 years, I think it was built with decent quality; never got the chance to work with their other equipments though.

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    I work for a company in Miami where we represent Takubomatic (Dia) for Latin, Central & South America. This edgers are very durable, precise and produce very good quality finishing. Please check with you rep in Portugal regarding the E950 which is the new Edger from Takubomatic. The advantages on this one is that you can trace inside the edger, touchscreen, updates and calibration can be done with a phone tech service (no need to have one come to you store which tends to be very expensive), very friendly & easy use menu. Also you can easily modify the size and shape of the lens. I also own a optical store with a surfacing & finishing lab where at this moment I am looking into this edger to replace the 2 I have which are Briot Ecoscan.

    Hope this information comes in handy.

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