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    Free Form Attitude Frame--Acuity Optical

    Free Form Attitude Frame=Acuity Optical USA, INC.
    I am reviewing a Semi-Rimless frame that was offered to the Optiboard Members to review by a frame importer / manufacturer. This frame was from Acuity Optical USA, INC; from the Free Form Attitude Eyewear Collection. I have not and will not receive any financial compensation from this review, other than the sample frame itself. Acuity Optical USA, INC. was kind enough to send me the frame at no charge.

    OptiBoard User Name: Fezz
    Date of Review: June 18,2007
    Occupation: Optician
    Product Category: Frames
    Product Name: Free Form Attitude Eyewear (FFA#101)
    Product Vendor and/or Distributor: Acuity Optical USA, INC.
    Vendor website: ; ; or 1-480-784-9797
    Rating: 5 stars = Excellent
    4 stars = Good
    3 stars = Acceptable
    2 stars = Not good
    1 star = Poor
    0 stars = Not recommended

    Quality: **** (4)
    Ease of use: ****(4)
    Client acceptance (if applicable):***(3)
    Customer service of the manufacturer or distributor: *****(5)
    Value: ****(4)

    I am very pleased with the quality of this semi-rimless frame. It is a Beta/Titanium semi-rimless, groove mount type frame. This frame has a thin metal eyewire that fits into a groove cut around the lens. The thin metal eyewire is then screwed into the endpiece. The temples are slighty thick looking, but are actually very thin and flexible. There is a silicone, or rubber insert that fits into the temple and runs about 3/4 of its length. The color of this can be changed. The frame is lazer cut from a single piece of Beta-Titanium sheet material. The frame line has three shapes and each shape has three color options. Every frame also comes with four temple inserts. The temple inserts allow the wearer to change the look of the eyewear. The inserts are; red, black, white and yellow. This frame is very lightweight and flexible. I feel that this product reaches a very high level of quality, value, and style for the price asked by the manufacturer. Overall, I would reccomend this product to the optical professional who is looking to supplement their frame boards with this style of eyewear.

    **I must add.....I did not mount the lenses into this frame. I can not speak of the ease of use or assembly of this product**

    Would you purchase this product or other products from this company based on your experience with this product?

    I would highly reccomend this product to the optical practice that may be looking to add a highly attractive alternative to the rimless frame offerings in their practice. In many areas, the rimless frame trend seems to be fading. The Free Form Attitude line may be a great replacement for those offices looking to try something different, yet lightweight and durable.

    I would like to thank those at Acuity Optical USA, INC. for offering there fine line of frames to be reviewed by us here at Optiboard. And again, I am in no way compensated or profitting from the above review.
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