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Thread: Help with polarized lenses

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    Confused Help with polarized lenses

    Does anyone know a supplier or a source for POLAR TECH-CR 39

    From India maybe ?

    We are looking for a Plano 2.2 or higher thickness in True Grey, G-15, Brown, CR 39.

    Any help would be appreciated :cheers:
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    CR39 polarised plano

    We are a large sunglasses and clip-on manufacturer, here in Hong Kong, and buy in huge quantity of polarised lenses(CR39, PC, CAB, Triacetate) directly from lens makers, for our own production. We also resell some of these to other sunglass manufacturers and clip-on companies. You probably get better deals from us than from lens suppliers.

    We have PC inventory in USA. We wholesale them to ECP's as a service. You can contact our Tempe, Arizona subsidiary to ask for quotes:

    Acuity Optical USA, Inc.
    Tel: 480-784-9797
    Fax: 480-784-4598

    Our CR39 inventory is in Hong Kong because it's not popular in USA. We sell them to Europe and Japan. So you need some quantity to make it worthwhile to import from us. You can contact me at the following:

    Acuity Optical Manufactory Limited
    Tel: (852)2563-2122
    Fax: (852)2565-5321

    All our lenses can be viewed at under Life Style lenses.

    Lak Cheong

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    I can supply you poloride lenses from India.

    Please write me email of your requirement


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