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Thread: Lubrication & Ophthalmic Drug Samples

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    Arrow Lubrication & Ophthalmic Drug Samples

    We've been trying to restock our inventory of patient samples.

    Allergan told us this morning that as of January they are no longer doing samples (Zymar, Pred Forte). They discontinued the Refresh Lubrication samples some time ago.

    Alcon is still doing samples (Patanol, Vigamox).

    B&L wants to charge us for the Great Start Contact Lens solution kits.

    AMO has Blink and Blink-n-Clean samples through the reps.

    Soothe drops are also available.

    Does anyone know of other companies that are still doing samples. Especially lubrication.


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    Alcon Systane
    AMO Blink, Blink and Clean
    Allergan I still get samples from my rep

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    Wow, is this a North America-wide thing? In terms of artificial tears and comfort drop samples, we haven't been able to get anything for the last few months.

    Novartis' GenTeal line was unavailable last quarter, and I've just been told it's the same thing this quarter.

    Allergan sent us 6 samples of each Refresh product to share among 3 doctors for the next quarter.

    AMO won't give us samples unless we carry retail product of the same.

    TheraTears is also on "backorder".

    What is going on??

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    GenTeal, Theratears, AQuify, Clearcare, and all other CIBA products were pulled from the shelves (at least in Canada) due to a factory issue. We're just now starting to see these products back on the shelves and in our office. In fact, we were given a number of full size GenTeal packages to give as samples while they're producing the mini bottles again.

    When you get your professional sample info from Allergan, try calling them and letting them know you're ordering for 3 docs. At my office we have 5 of us and have repeatedly called them to remind them of our numbers...and then we get boxes of the stuff.

    For AMO, I agree with you that they dislike sampling. I can understand why. I've lost count of the number of times patients walk in asking for more sample drops and are surprised they have to buy them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LanceM
    Does anyone know of other companies that are still doing samples. Especially lubrication.
    We provide samples of our lubricants NutraTear, Dwelle & Dakrina. I'm typing this with some slight trepidation at saying so publicly - we're a very small private regional company with limited supplies, but we'll do our best to supply them to anybody here that asks. We're currently sampling to several hundred practices mostly in Florida and along the east coast. Pls note we are NOT in drugstores, patients either order it from us by phone or internet or the practices stock it for their patients.

    NutraTear is the most versatile of the three - great for mild to moderate dry eye symptoms, mild allergy eyes and (off label) ctls, personally I use it over my macrolenses throughout the day. It's the general favorite with our Florida docs and great for resale potential because it's pink (from the vitamin b12) so very eye-grabbing and prompts lots of questions. Dwelle & Dakrina are targeted at moderate to severe dry eye, RCE, Sjogrens, RA, post lasik etc.

    To order samples, go to and scroll down to the link to download the fax-in order form. Or, call 877-MY DRY EYES 9-5 Mon-Fri EST.

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    Dry Eye

    As far as samples go you should be able to get Refresh, Refresh Liquigel, and other Allergan products drop shipped on regular intervals. Work it out with your rep. Systane gets drop shipped regularly also. Talk to your Alcon Rep. There is a company with a new dry eye product that would love to send you samples. The produst is call Soothe by Alimera Sciences. You can reach them at: 1-866-900-5770, M-F 9-5 pm.

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