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Thread: Mining accident

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    Mining accident

    My thoughts and sympathy have been with the families in West Virginia.

    In light of this incident, I was wondering if anyone has reconsidered their position on OSHA and workplace safety?
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    My $.02

    Well I think the shrinking funding of OSHA is a disgrace. That said, mining is a terribly dangerous business, always has been and I fear always will be.

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    Mine Safety

    Last night the spin on the news was current energy prices made mining in Appalachia attractive again. Evidently mining activity for coal picked up very quickly the last two years. Many new inexperienced people on the job, combined with an agency that has morphed away from its original safety agenda and does not have the staff to follow up on violations, has made mining more dangerous than ever.
    The network news also said the agency has internal complaints of not having support of its management on cracking down on mine owners, pointing out the hundreds of violations this mine and others owned by the same group have accumulated without huge fines or closures. This mine in Tallmanville was closed for a short period recently. I have not heard if those violations were tied to what caused this terrible tragedy.
    I am so sorry for the families of these hard working men. Safety in every job is paramount to anything else. It is criminal to weaken any safety regulation or not enforce what is on the books.
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