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Thread: Looking for 100% light blocking eye occluder

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    Question Looking for 100% light blocking eye occluder

    I have been researching various eye occluders available and have myself tried many of them. My aim is to find one that blocks 100% of light.

    The best I've been able to do so far is to use two eye patches as follows: the first is a standard pirate patch - I cut off the head-band and tape the patch securely to the eye-socket. I then use another patch with a tightly fitting head-band, and use this one over the base patch. Despite the taping and double patch, I still notice that minute pin-point holes allow for streams of light to enter and often be reflected within the patch. I also notice, when for example putting my face up to a bright computer screen that light is being transmitted through both patches -- my test is that I cover the non-patched eye with my palm securely, look only with the patched eye and put my other palm over the patched-eye, back and forth, and it's apparent that things are darker when my palm is over the patch. Yes for some purposes this technique would be dark enough...perhaps it does block 90+% of light, but I would like to accomplish blocking 100% of light...or at least not noticing what I mentioned above with the pin-holes and illumination.

    Again, I've reviewed what I think are the best occluder patches and have not found anything yet.

    Does anyone know of a patch that might accomplish what I'm trying to achieve?

    What I was imagining is a very light proof material which then is secured around the eye socket with an adhesive that makes all the seams completely flush against the skin and will not move when a person moves their head, uses their facial muscles, etc.

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    They call them eyelids.

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    There are any number of 100% light blocking occluders on the market, but they must fit flush around the structure of the eye, usually to the point of being uncomfortable. If you are not able to find one of these, take a mold of surrounding structure and press yourself one out of 3/16 black plexiglass and tape it on.

    You are not one of those people they catch on CSI who want to deprive thier victums of sensory preception are you?

    Also note: Eye lids are not 100% occlusion if the light source is reasonably bright.

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    Why are you patching? why do you insist on 100% light blocking patch?

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