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Thread: Frame Warmers

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    Frame Warmers

    To help avoid the inherent problems of a Salt Pan Warmer, many opticians are now using a Hot Air Blower to heat plastic frames. With this type of frame warmer the air is directed through a vent onto the part of the frame needing adjustment. Some models feature a heat adjustment knob so as not to melt the frame. Certain plastic frame materials such as polyamide or cellulose acetate react differently to different temperatures. Therefore, it stands to reason that with newer plastic frame materials being used today, it is essential that you use Hot Air Blowers with adjustable hot air temperatures. In addition, care must be taken with anti-reflective (A-R) lenses, to ensure that the A-R coating does not crack or craze under high heat.
    When using a Hot Air Blower, try to concentrate the stream of hot air on the exact part of the frame that needs adjustment. Some hot air blowers have a specific part that can focus the hot air. By carefully practicing with the different plastics used in frames today, you will learn just how much heat is needed.


    • Instant heat can't be beat.
    • Being able to spot heat frames is particularly useful.
    • Is quiet enough to use while engaged on the phone.
    • No silicone beads to sweep up!
    • Certain frame materials like optyl’s , polamides ,grilamides ,etc, will be much better handled with a hot air blower then a salt pan, which will most likely get those above mentioned materials too hot too fast, therefore rendering them useless.
    • Electric bill went down $20 a month when switched from salt pan to hot air blower.


    1. The only thing we miss about the "salt" pan is that it is tough to keep your coffee warm on an air blower.

    For a choice in models, visit

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