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Chris Ryser

Are AR coatings up to military standards ?........................

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Are eyeglass optical AR coatings upto military standards ?

Military standards usually mean to the layman top qualityproducts that are non failing under the toughest physical conditions. Have weever seen an optical eyeglass lens claiming to have been made up to thesestandards ? Do these standards actually exist ?

I went on Wikipedia and found a non ending list andexplanation on this subject at
the question is, why is this expression not used in the commercialoptical eyeglass industry ? We alldiscuss AR coating processes being better than others while none of them claimsto be of such standards.

So I started to do a little research and found that there is an AR coating industrythat claims to make thin film coatings for hundreds of applications out sidethe spectacle lens industry we all know of and are used to.

Anti-Reflective (AR) Thin Film MultilayerOptical Coatings

AccuCoatInc.offers a wide range of high efficiency broadband, narrowband and dual-band Anti-Reflective (AR) coatings. Manystandard anti-reflective coatings are available on glass and plastic (polymer)substrates. Custom designed solutions are also available. Our coatings havebeen tested to meet MilitarySpecifications, High Laser Damage Threshold tests (LDT) and arefinding their way into many new Solarapplications.

Metal &Dielectric Mirror Coatings

Metal coatings can be applied as: Bare, Protected or Enhanced withdielectric layers. AccuCoat Inc. also produces Dielectric High Reflector coatings. These coatings can be appliedto Glass, Molded & Diamond Turned Plastic, and Metal substrates. Many ofthese coatings have been tested to meet MilitarySpecifications and High Laser Damage Threshold tests (LDT) and arefinding their way into many new Solar applications.AccuCoat recently added the capability to coat polygons and spinners.

Coating Types: • Aluminum (Al) • Gold (Au) • Chrome (Cr) • Dark Chrome • Tin (Sn) • Nickel (Ni)
• All Dielectric • Copper (Cu) • Inconel • Silver (Ag) • Titanium (Ti)

These coatings can beoptimized for use as first or second surface mirrors or adjusted for specifiedwavelength or angle of incidence ranges.

Beamsplitters, DichroicFilter, ITO, Hydrophobic and Other Coatings

Coatings on Plastics andOther Materials
AccuCoat has developed processes that enable us toeffectively coat plastic substrates (including Zeonex and Ultem) with opticalthin films that can meet the difficult environmental requirements of today'smil-specs and Solarapplications. Typical tests include abrasion, humidity and multiday temperaturecycling. Wide-angle AR coatings, beamsplitters, and dielectric mirrors are someof the products we have developed for a range of applications from the visibleto the IR.

So here is only one sample from other industries that aremost probably much larger and spread out into many different applications butdo claim top quality military specs which our industry has never made.

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  1. Chris Ryser's Avatar
    I did not know that all the links I posted are invisible unless you pass the mouse over it. The are below the copied sections. Just go over it with the mouser and they pop up.
  2. petervin's Avatar
    Very nicely done. Thanks for posting this. :)


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