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Permission to Fail

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I was asked today, 'Why can you create eyewear that other offices say can't be done?' The answer was easy.

I allow myself to fail.

Actually I enjoy the failure.

When I made my first
Franklin Bifocal I blew through 3 sets of lenses before I got it right. The difference is I didn't just fail three times I actually discoverd three unique ways of not making a proper Franklin Bifocal.

The key is to fail intelligently much like DARPA has done with their
last week.

Failure is good but only if you learn. Failure without learning is just spending money.

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  1. uncut's Avatar
    Epic, KC! I enjoyed the read.

  2. OpticLabRat's Avatar
    And so true.
  3. braheem24's Avatar
    Nice post K double D O.G.
  4. gmc's Avatar
    Good stuff Kevin!
  5. christywoo's Avatar
    really like the sentence"Failure is good but only if you learn."
  6. MakeOptics's Avatar
    Very informative. A fail is an opportunity to succeed that was taken advantage of. Your post was a nugget of wisdom. Thank you for sharing it.


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