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Another smoking hot E-bay deal!

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This one might be hard to pass up. With grilling season here, and Father's Day right around the corner, I expect bidding to be pretty competitive on this baby...

One OF A Kind Casket Grill!

Starting bid:US $800.00

This is an original "One of a Kind" authentic casket cooking grill complete with electric motor and spit with stainless steel rod with adjustable forks, and stainless steel grids. There is a lower grid area for placement of the briquettes (included). Below that level are three burners which are either individually operable or all can be operable for maximum cooking. Includes gas regulator and hose for propane hook-up. There is an ignitor button or below that is a hole where the grill can be manually lit. The interior is coated with a special heat-resistant grill paint and inner panels keep heat directed toward cooking area. This original casket is fully functional with its original swing-bar handles, making the grill totally movable to any desired location. Custom exterior finish gives it the lustre and shine for that exceptional look when closed.

Good Luck Bidding!

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  1. kcount's Avatar
    hmmm.... wonder if it comes with the stand?
  2. braheem24's Avatar
    That's really disturbing considering it was probably a baby's casket.
  3. Johns's Avatar
    Baby? Baby back ribs maybe! That grill is more than 7 fee long!


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