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Rants about healthcare

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Its so funny people that a public healthcare policy would be a detriment to the system. Afterall, there will be delays to treatment. More run around with all the intermediaries between my doctor and me.

Yet here it is, I was told yesterday that while my need for surgery wasn't life and death at this time, it was something that needed to be done asap.

So called my doctor's office at 8 am to make a same day appt. Was told the office didn't open up till 9 and unless I was pregnant or already had surgery.. it was not a valid reason to talk to the dr. on call. Called back at 9 when they opened, was referred to the nurse who I had to leave a message and then have them call me back.

Get a call at 10 letting me know my doc was out of town, and I should go to the second referral that was on my discharge report.

Too bad she is out of the office as well. Had to call the ER to get the direct line for the woman's clinic to speak to a live person.. who then bounced me to yet another voicemail.

To only be referred to yet another person who took my information and will pass it to yet another person who will call me back.

I have a great private insurance plan. Low deductibles, covers most everything.. and I can not even get seen in a timely manner. I wonder why people go to the ER so freaking much..

Certainly it isn't because of the direct relationship between doctor and patient..

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  1. 35oldguy's Avatar
    I suggest you leave this doctor a personal message for him to read upon his return to work. If it was a loved one, his son, daughter, or parent would they get the same treatment that you have just described?


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