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Suffering with my addiction

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I suffer from an addiction to auctions. I don't care if it's live or online, I just can't keep myself from bidding.

Last night I went to an auction w/the intention of buying some parts for some vintage campers I have (another addiction), and while I bought a lot of item I really need (underground water line/snow fence/wheel bearings/ladders) I also bought a pick-up truck.

It's only got 58K miles on it, no rust, and it runs fine, and I only paid $1,000 for it, but I don't need it. I bought it to resell, figuring I could flip it easy enough, but I really don't need to be in the car/truck resale business.

Two weeks ago, I was on a cell phone call w/a rep friend of mine. I pulled off to the side of the road because I was going to be going out of range. As I talked to her, I had my window down, and could hear noise coming from the back of the blg . I was parked in front of. I hung up, walked to the back of the blg., and sure enough, it was an auction!

They were auctioning off a brand new nautilus type weight machine, with 9 stations, and couldn't get a bid. I bid $25, and guess what...Yeah, we now have a home gym. To be fair (to me) my wife and son have been asking me for one, and they are very pleased with the purchase, so I guess it's not all bad.

The problem is (as other Optiboarders that have seen can attest) I've got too much "valuable";)stuff sitting in my warehouse. I think there's only one solution:

I need to have an auction!!

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  1. bob_f_aboc's Avatar
    Make it online! I can't get to Ohio. Maybe Steve can start an auction section for optical/ophthalmic related stuff.

    5% of the final price goes straight to OptiBoard.
  2. Fezz's Avatar
    I say have at it!

    It actually sounds like fun! Too bad that I don't have either the time or money to monkey around like that! I might actually enjoy a bit of that addiction!
  3. obxeyeguy's Avatar
    Park that one next to 'ol Grand Dad!:bbg:
  4. Johns's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by obxeyeguy
    Park that one next to 'ol Grand Dad!:bbg:
    I drove it home this evening, and did indeed park it next to old grand dad! (The other bay is being occupied w/the cow hide that is still being salted).

    It drives great, has every option that was available in '95, included power seats, auto mirrors, tow package, premium stereo, chrome wheels,temp/directional gauge, cruise, and power everything else. Even my wife didn't think it was that bad, but she said I should mount some longhorns on the hood to finish out the "old man from Texas" look.

    I looked it up on the Kelley Blue Book, and it says that in "good" condition it lists for around $3,500.00. My goal is to flip it fast, so I'll clean it up, shine the wheels and park it out by the road w/ $2,400 obo written in big letters w/shoe polish. Hopefully I can sell it before I leave for VEW, so I'll have some cash for when I run into the guys from Texas. (J.H/Geo/B.F) and the beach bum.

    Drinks aint' cheap in Vegas!:cheers:


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