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  1. Revenge of the brick and mortar?

    Again, because I am unable to start threads in the other forums, I will post this here.

    Follow this link, and as you read it, replace "Amazon" with "Luxottica". Then replace "books" with "frames"
  2. Michael Disanto was no optician in their book!

    A few years ago, I was thumbing through the East West Eye Conference (it was called East West Optometric Conference then), and I noticed that the listed speakers included MDs, ODs, CPOTs, MS, and a variety of other professionals, but no opticians.

    As I looked closer, I noticed that there were not only opticians, but some awesome opticians, one of which was the late, great, Michael Disanto. He was listed as simply "Michael Disanto". I noticed that all the other opticians ...
  3. No offense, but...

    There are few statements that set my teeth on edge more than this, "No offense, but..." What I hear is, "I'm going to offend you, but it's ok because I said "No offense, but..." first.

    If you know what you're going to say is going to offend, perhaps you should consider not saying it or re-phrasing your remarks.

    Isn't it time to rescue civility from the trash heap?
  4. Are AR coatings up to military standards ?........................

    Are eyeglass optical AR coatings upto military standards ?

    Military standards usually mean to the layman top qualityproducts that are non failing under the toughest physical conditions. Have weever seen an optical eyeglass lens claiming to have been made up to thesestandards ? Do these standards actually exist ?

    I went on Wikipedia and found a non ending list andexplanation on this subject at
  5. Permission to Fail

    I was asked today, 'Why can you create eyewear that other offices say can't be done?' The answer was easy.

    I allow myself to fail.

    Actually I enjoy the failure.

    When I made my first
    Franklin Bifocal I blew through 3 sets of lenses before I got it right. The difference is I didn't just fail three times I actually discoverd three unique ways of not making a proper Franklin Bifocal.

    The key is to fail intelligently much like DARPA has done with
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