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  1. OptiBlog 2007 - What's the future of Opticianry?

    Well here we are in the last quarter of 2007. This year has certainly packed in a great deal of changes for me as well as the industry itself: Corporate mergers and takeovers, Advances in PPAL's and let's not forget my recent exit from dispensing.

    And not a minute too soon.

    I now hear rumors that AZ state is thinking about doing away with licensing altogether. I'm sure that Walmart's inability to procure and sustain qualified help has nothing to do with this, either. ...
  2. Slip Sliding Away

    Slip Sliding Away

    Let's take a look at the problem of lens slippage in the processing of ophthalmic lenses in the optical finish lab. Many lab technicians end up farming out their work to an outside lab for fear of breaking an expensive hydrophobic-coated lens. This can be a very costly expense to the business as well as an inconvenience to the patient. The truth is, any edger ever produced can cut these slippery lenses without breakage. Just a few simple steps is all ...
  3. Finding an optician for $25 an hour.

    I really can't believe that it's taken this long to find a part-time optician. This is the kind of job I'd love. No management duties, no politics, no ordering, repairs, or lab work; just show up with brushed teeth and clean clothes, and dispense your tail off!

    To be honest, I'm very surprised. When I call areas that are less than an hour away from here, they tell me that the going wage is around $13-$18 an hour. Granted, this is part time, which is why I'm paying more, but still, ...
  4. Dear Abby:

    Dear Abby:

    Optiboard just started "blogs", and I have the opportunity to participate. I know I should be excited, but why? What's the advantage of a blog, and how/why would I use it?

    Should I feel embarrassed asking this question? I'm sure all of my friends have blogged.

    Thanks for listening...


    A Blog Virgin
  5. Change in Ownership

    by , 01-16-2010 at 12:47 PM (Helping others see better.)
    As of September 2009, I have gained complete control of our clinic. Our new goals are to try to supply the needs of the local population with eyeglasses at affordable prices.
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